Bahamas Diving

The waters off West End, Grand Bahama Island, provide some of the finest scuba diving and snorkeling you will find in the Bahamas.  The Gulf Stream, directly adjacent to West End, continually supplies nutrients as well as animal and reef life to this pristine environment. Blue circulating waters keep the area's reefs clean.  The region surrounding West End and the offshore cays is rich with shipwrecks from the Spanish Galleon era while the white sand banks are home to hundreds of spotted dolphins. 

World renowned dive master Stuart Cove has opened a new shark dive operation based at Old Bahama Bay.  Now guests can dive with Tiger Sharks and Lemon Sharks in a high-speed dive boat. The all-day Tiger Beach Shark Excursion offers a truly unique way to interact with these amazing creatures.

For more information on Shark Diving, visit Stuart Cove website...


Snorkeling Adventures

Old Bahama Bay has pinpointed numerous areas surrounding the resort and neighboring cays for the best snorkeling experiences.   Snorkel equipment is available at the resort free of charge to resort guests.   We also offer daily snorkeling trips to a nearby shipwreck and neighboring cays (destination depends on weather). Excursions can be organized through our on-site staff at the Activities Hut, next to Teasers on the beach. Daily trips include:

Option 1

Take a 15-20 minute boat ride to beautiful reefs teaming with sea life. You’ll see starfish, stingrays, moray eels, parrot fish, sea turtles, staghorn and elkhorn corals and so much more. Departs from the beach at Teaser’s. Snorkel equipment and non alcoholic drinks included.

$55 Per Person 2 hours (Minimum of 3 or $150/2 people; 6 adults and 2 children maximum)

Option 2

Extreme Eco-Tour for Experienced Snorkelers – visit and snorkel St John’s Wreck, a 16th Century Spanish Galleon
Boat reserved for full day up to 4 persons - $699 Full Day Only


Effective January 1, 2015 a newly implemented Value Added Tax ( V.A.T.) will be added for all goods and services. This includes hotel accommodations, marina slips, all goods and services provided throughout the resort.